Donuts for Dad with Xyron Tutorial

Monday, June 1, 2015

Father's Day is quickly approaching. It's time to start thinking about fun things to do for dear old dad!

My head has been swirling with crafty ideas ever since I got the new Xyron Creative Station

I finally figured out what I want to make. The kiddos will enjoy helping you with this too!

Here's what I came up with!

This project idea popped into my head after visiting the dollar spot at Target! I found this cute little basket. It's just the perfect size to hold donut holes too!

Keep reading to see how I dressed this little basket up using the new Xyron Creative Station!

First I cut my patterned paper to fit the width properly. The Creative Station adhesive is strong enough to adhere paper to the material of the basket.

FYI - Once you run your paper through there is a cutting blade on the machine and readily available to cut it evenly off.

Next, peel back the top film. The back of your paper will be full of adhesive. Now place it on the front of your basket.

I did a little die cutting and made several shapes. I then ran them through the Creative Station. These shapes will be used on the basket and for a fun addition to this project. 

I found these foam letters in my stash. They had fallen off the original adhesive paper and would no longer stick to anything. Instead of throwing them away, I ran them through the Creative Station. They are all brand new again! 

I placed the oval shape and the letters on the front of my basket.

I wanted to use this die cut heart shape too. I ran it through the Creative Station and added it to cardstock for more reinforcement.

I love using lollipop sticks. They are a great way to feature shapes and sentiments for your project.

Here are more fun shots of my "Donuts for Dad" project!

 The new Xyron Creative Station will be available in the following stores:

JoAnn's - June 
Michael's Craft Store - July
Hobby Lobby - September

Annette Allen said...

totally fabulous and yay for donuts.. :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love love this!! What a fun gift idea!!!!!!!

Krafthead said...

We are having Donuts with Dad at church and this would be a very cute idea!! Also, I love that basket...might have to make a trip to Target!! Thank you for the inspiration~